Tuesday, June 8, 2010

0.6 lbs

Is how much I've lost in a week and a half. Although I won't complain considering I am basically on bed rest as my physiotherapist doesn't want me doing anything that required the use of my foot (I have tendonitis and bursitis in my right ankle). Also will not complain considering the junk I ate this week. I must be doing something good though. Here is my analysis.

Cookies = very bad
Lots of fruit = good
Ice cream = bad
Tons of water = very good
Too many carbs = bad
Too much take out = bad
Bed rest = not good
Actually doing core exercises = awesomely making me sore!

I guess the lesson here is lots of fruit and water will negate everything else!!! Just kidding. Honestly, I don't know what I did right, but either way, I need to be more careful in the next 2 weeks if I want a good weight in.

On a side note. I made cushions and a bunting for our deck last weekend. See photos.... they make me smile and happy, and want to spend more time outside! (more photos)

So... what makes you happy, what puts a smile on your face?

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