Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally moving down!

I am so happy today. After only loosing 2 pounds over the last 7 weeks (so practically no moving at all), I lost 2 pounds this week. I think all that exercise I did paid off. It sure is motivating. I mean, I am someone who normally gets 0 to 3 activity points per week and this week, I got 18! So how did I do it?

I belly danced on Thursday, played EActive on Friday, went swimming on Saturday and did 1h15m of DDR last night.

Ok, back to work now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hair - why doesn't it ever cooperate?!

Hair, why are you so mean? I take a shower and you stick to my hands like I'm shedding, my hair is already thin, it doesn't need to be thinner! You are so cruel, you fall off my head but keep growing everywhere I don't want you to. Now I know we have leg hair and armpit hair, and that I have to accept that, but come on, I don't want hairs on my chiny chin chin. Nor do I want a mini mustache. Since DS came along, you've been popping up more and more. I know I'm getting older, but must it really mean getting hairrier too?

So body, listen up, more hair on the head please, and only on the scalp part of the head, everywhere else, go away!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week in review

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while, so much for wanting to blog every day. I guess that's why they call me a procrastinator!

Ayway, I just noticed I have my first 2 followers, YAY! Hello followers, hope you enjoy my blog!

So, I had a busy week and today I am being totally lazy. Thursday, I had my first belly dancing class. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I am not complaining though, I can actually tell that I do have muscles in the abdominal area. Not that I can see them, but they sure did hurt afterwards! And then, Friday, I tried EActive for the Wii, I had borrowed it from a friend to try and I actually enjoyed it a lot. Way better than the Fitness Coach (that's more just a cardio workout, EA is resistance training too!). So lucky me, since it was on sale at Walmart, my hubby bought it for me for Christmas, now, I'm actually looking forward to working out. I figured that not having it for a while will give me a reason to start playing Dance Dance Revolution again. I haven't played that in ages because I'm stuck on one level and can't unlock anything until I beat it. I guess I'll have to start practicing. Finally, yesterday, we brought our son to soccer, then went shopping, and then went to the pool, and in the evening I went to see District 9 with a friend. What a busy few days!

~Pause for movie critic~
District 9... My quick review of the movie... It was a good story that really makes you think about human nature, but I hated the way it was filmed, the camera work made me go queasy.
~Return to regular programming~

So food wise, I did really well until yesterday, so I'll actually have to get off my butt and work out tonight to make up for the extra points I ate.

Ok, so life is calling.
I hope you all have a good week, and make a goal to fit in a lot of activity.
My goal is to do some form of excercise at least 4 times this week.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


I just noticed that there's an edit post section and that my lost post was there, so now they're all posted as they were for prosperity's sake. Happy reading!

New shoes = renewed motivation?

Oh darn,
I had written a nice post and only clicked on 'save now' instead of 'publish post' and just now noticed so I lost my post! Oh well, live and move on.

I've been really busy in the last week and was OP until yesterday and today, weekends are always so hard! It doesn't help that today my inlaws visited and all they do it eat!

So tonight, I wanted to exercise, but DH is playing his Beatles guitar hero thingy, so I can't play DDR on our Wii. Sucks, but I got to blog surfing, now some people are going to have me as followers and have absolutely no idea who I am since I was just going from one post to the next.

I am also reading about C25K and Shred since I keep hearing about it. Wonder if I'll ever have the courage to tackle those on. Anyway, I have to go buy new running shoes tomorrow as mine are way past their good before # of kilometres. That's a good thing, since I've walked enough to ruin them, but not so good, since it wasn't in the recent past. So hopefully new shoes will motivate me quite a bit. Off to go check out those nike shoes I keep seeing in blogs!

A week already!

So I just noticed it's been a week since I've last posted. Gosh does a week ever go by quickly!

So here's a rundown of my week...
Monday and Tuesday, I worked 12 hour shifts, so I didn't get to do anything else. At my WI, I didn't loose anything, again. I found it so easy to loose with only controlling my food the first time around but it's just not working for me this time, so I guess I'll actually have to start exercising this time around.
The rest of the week was pretty hectic with painting and other various household chores.

Saturday, DS went to play soccer for the first time! It was so cute to see all these 3 and 4 year olds chasing the ball. I was amased at how good DS was at kicking the ball straight! The rest of the day was power cleaning, doing 6 loads of laundry and more painting since we were having company Sunday.

So, after thinking I'd finish the dished this morning before the in-laws came over with a friend of the family, that didn't work out since they got here 1 hour early, I was so not impressed. And since as always, all they do is think of eating, they brought tons of pastries and I ended up overeating. I don't even know how to count that stuff. So today is a bust. Though I was so full I haven't even had dinner yet. I am hoping that if I just have a light snack later, I'll pretty much make up for the overeating.

So now, the inlaws are gone, my DS is stuck in front of the tv, and I'm looking for a little workout inspiration. Mayby I'll pull out DDR tonight on the Wii and play a little since I haven't played in ages. I got stuck on a level and can't get past the stupid thing.. help!

OK, enough rambling on... off to find bloggers to stalk for inspiration.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Met some great ladies!

This weekend has been quite busy, but very good. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful so we went to a fair at our community centre. There were little games for the kids and a blown up castle which my son just loved. It was great to see him enjoying jumping around. I managed to only eat half a hotdog since I shared it with a pepsi and some cotton candy (which will forever be a weakness). Then in the evening, one of my friends came over to vent a little and distract herself from her very recent breakup after 4 years of being with her bf. We did good though, no ice cream and cookies for us! Just a bunch of fruits and water.

This morning, I went to brunch with some of the ladies from the location board. It was great to put faces to names and see how one of them has had so much weight loss success so far. It was really fun to get away from it all and lunch with other women for a change. For dinner, we'll be of to McD's, that's always a hard one for me since I love bigmacs. Since my breakfast was pretty light though I guess I can indulge a little.

I have to start tracking again very soon.... to be able to count in my little indulgences. I unfortunately haven't tracked much of my food in the last two weeks and I missed my last weight in since my little one was sick, so I don't know how just going on my hunger singles has been going for me. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday! Although I do have a non scale victory to declare!!! I have moved on to the next whole on my belt! So now, I'll have to either start making wholes in this one or buying a new one... hmmm, the decisions!

Off I go to enjoy a little more of our nice weather.
Tootles! (Been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Playhouse this week)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

WOW- I finally got a blog!

I've been reading other peoples blogs for a while now and always appreciate either how witty or deep their thoughts are. I find other peoples blogs inpiring, but the thought of having my own is intimidating. Will I be funny, witty enough to keep peoples attention?

Finally, I decided that it doesn't matter since I'm doing this for me, as a way to motivate myself and have a journey log to look back upon.

On the side -----­­­» I have included a to do list, which is only appropriate given my blog title, I still need to do a lot of filling in, so hopefully my lists won't become too long. It is meant to be a reminder of things to do, and for the big things, a list of accomplishments to encourage myself along the way.

As a final note to myself and others tonight, remember to enjoy the little moments along the way, and may all your dreams come true.