Sunday, September 20, 2009

A week already!

So I just noticed it's been a week since I've last posted. Gosh does a week ever go by quickly!

So here's a rundown of my week...
Monday and Tuesday, I worked 12 hour shifts, so I didn't get to do anything else. At my WI, I didn't loose anything, again. I found it so easy to loose with only controlling my food the first time around but it's just not working for me this time, so I guess I'll actually have to start exercising this time around.
The rest of the week was pretty hectic with painting and other various household chores.

Saturday, DS went to play soccer for the first time! It was so cute to see all these 3 and 4 year olds chasing the ball. I was amased at how good DS was at kicking the ball straight! The rest of the day was power cleaning, doing 6 loads of laundry and more painting since we were having company Sunday.

So, after thinking I'd finish the dished this morning before the in-laws came over with a friend of the family, that didn't work out since they got here 1 hour early, I was so not impressed. And since as always, all they do is think of eating, they brought tons of pastries and I ended up overeating. I don't even know how to count that stuff. So today is a bust. Though I was so full I haven't even had dinner yet. I am hoping that if I just have a light snack later, I'll pretty much make up for the overeating.

So now, the inlaws are gone, my DS is stuck in front of the tv, and I'm looking for a little workout inspiration. Mayby I'll pull out DDR tonight on the Wii and play a little since I haven't played in ages. I got stuck on a level and can't get past the stupid thing.. help!

OK, enough rambling on... off to find bloggers to stalk for inspiration.

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