Sunday, September 13, 2009

Met some great ladies!

This weekend has been quite busy, but very good. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful so we went to a fair at our community centre. There were little games for the kids and a blown up castle which my son just loved. It was great to see him enjoying jumping around. I managed to only eat half a hotdog since I shared it with a pepsi and some cotton candy (which will forever be a weakness). Then in the evening, one of my friends came over to vent a little and distract herself from her very recent breakup after 4 years of being with her bf. We did good though, no ice cream and cookies for us! Just a bunch of fruits and water.

This morning, I went to brunch with some of the ladies from the location board. It was great to put faces to names and see how one of them has had so much weight loss success so far. It was really fun to get away from it all and lunch with other women for a change. For dinner, we'll be of to McD's, that's always a hard one for me since I love bigmacs. Since my breakfast was pretty light though I guess I can indulge a little.

I have to start tracking again very soon.... to be able to count in my little indulgences. I unfortunately haven't tracked much of my food in the last two weeks and I missed my last weight in since my little one was sick, so I don't know how just going on my hunger singles has been going for me. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday! Although I do have a non scale victory to declare!!! I have moved on to the next whole on my belt! So now, I'll have to either start making wholes in this one or buying a new one... hmmm, the decisions!

Off I go to enjoy a little more of our nice weather.
Tootles! (Been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Playhouse this week)

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