Sunday, September 20, 2009

New shoes = renewed motivation?

Oh darn,
I had written a nice post and only clicked on 'save now' instead of 'publish post' and just now noticed so I lost my post! Oh well, live and move on.

I've been really busy in the last week and was OP until yesterday and today, weekends are always so hard! It doesn't help that today my inlaws visited and all they do it eat!

So tonight, I wanted to exercise, but DH is playing his Beatles guitar hero thingy, so I can't play DDR on our Wii. Sucks, but I got to blog surfing, now some people are going to have me as followers and have absolutely no idea who I am since I was just going from one post to the next.

I am also reading about C25K and Shred since I keep hearing about it. Wonder if I'll ever have the courage to tackle those on. Anyway, I have to go buy new running shoes tomorrow as mine are way past their good before # of kilometres. That's a good thing, since I've walked enough to ruin them, but not so good, since it wasn't in the recent past. So hopefully new shoes will motivate me quite a bit. Off to go check out those nike shoes I keep seeing in blogs!

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