Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been awhile...

Ok, so yes, I am still alive, not pregnant, I was just sick. It's sad in a way, a relief in another as I would like to lose more weight before getting pregnant. I had a really bad week food wise since we had nothing healthy in the house and had a lot of takeout, but I was lucky I guess since I stayed the same at my weigh in yesterday.

So this week, so that I don't get stuck with a gain because of next week, I am being extra diligent about my food intake, hopefully it will make for some fantastic results!

I'm eager to go back to my belly dancing class tomorrow as I didn't get to go last weekend. I did get to do some crafting though and made some awesome Christmas cards. I so need to take pictures to show you all... which reminds me I need pics for my mini goal pants too!... People, you need to remind me these things, because not only am I a procrastinator, I am also very forgetful of things that need to be done!

Ok, so I'm off to read everyone elses blogs since I haven't read in about a week and that makes for a lot of catching up. More news later!

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