Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little bit, by little bit...

So much for writing every day! I'm not so good at commitments it seems. Speaking of which I still haven't worked out since my dance class on Thursday. Bad me!

Thanksgiving weekend is coming up, and even though we haven't planned anything special, I think that I should be planning meals since the grocery store will be closed.... I wonder what to make. Anybody have suggestions for something yummy? I'm tired of always eating the same old thing. I guess that this will be a good reason to actually open a cookbook!

I'm really tired today as I stayed up too long catching up on tv shows while darning socks, and mending pants, etc. I'll probably fall asleep at the same time as my son tonight (even though we put him down at 8:30, he often doesn't sleep until 10). I always feel so refreshed the next day, but then can never keep up going to bed early. I am such a night owl, which isn't good since I have a day job and a son that actually needs his mommy to be awake during the day. Sometimes I miss the student life! Though that's pretty far away and I wouldn't actually want to go back at this point.

Oh yes, and I had my WI today. I lost another half pound. It's not much, but at least the scale is moving. Although it's a bit disappointed after last weeks loss, it just goes to show that if you eat more points than you have, and don't exercise, you just won't loose weight. So here goes another week and the challenge of staying on plan!

Speaking of DS, he's calling. See you again later!

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  1. Your right.. a loss is a loss. At least its not a gain. And even if it was.. you would know why.
    Your doing great Chicky! Keep up the good work. <3