Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yummy discovery

Here I am again, master procrastinator! I've been meaning to post all week and haven't. I hope you've all been doing well in getting fit and loosing inches!

I actually discovered something absolutely wonderful this week. Baby spinach, with cranberries, walnuts, rasberry vinaigrette and chicken. I am in love. Baby lettuce is so much better than just plain old lettuce. I just bought a big container of it. If I have too much, maybe I'll try one of those 'green monsters' I keep hearing about.

I also keep hearing about the show Biggest Loser, but had never watched it before. So I downloaded the first 3 shows of the season this week and watched them all. It's pretty crazy the amount of weight they can make these people loose. I sure do hope that it does change their lives for the best.

For exercise on my part, I went belly dancing again on Thursday and thankfully I'm not as sore as last week. The only exception is that one of the muscles in my thigh is really sore. I haven't done anything else exercise wise but I might try DDR again tonight and see how it goes.

Write for you all tomorrow!


  1. Hey girl!
    Thanks for posting back on my WW thread! I started a blog, and I am going to follow you :D I like the idea of girls keeping each other motivated!

    I used to watch the biggest loser! I stopped just because i don't watch so much TV now. Its a great show. I don't think i would ever be able to do it though!. Its amazing how much weight people lose! I used to ride my elliptical while watching it. It kept me going only cause the people on TV were much bigger then me, and they could workout harder then me. I just told myself, if they can do that.. i can do this!

  2. Hey!
    Biggest Loser is ADDICTIVE!!! I love it. Another episode tomorrow...don't forget :)

  3. YUM that salad sounds so good - I'm going to have to try that next week!