Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving... thank god it's over!

Well, thanksgiving is officially over. Not that I won't be giving thanks everyday, just that now I don't have to worry about big meals!

Last night's dinner was great! We had a couple of friends over and we made turkey, stuffing, carrots and potatoes. In order to not fill up on potatoes, I made homemade apple sauce and also served cranberry jelly (that came from a can), and gravy from the turkey broth. Those extra little sides added tons of flavors for a small amount of points, and they made the meal so much more fulfilling and I didn't end up overeating. I even had a piece of keylime pie... sooo good!

And the best part... I still lost another 2lbs this week! I'm glad the scale is consistently moving now. I'm always afraid of hitting another plateau like I did right at the beginning of me starting WWs again.

On the WW forum, someone started a Biggest Loser contest. There are no prizes, but it's healthy competition for those of us who are competitive! You can find details here: http://snailiejl.blogspot.com/. The detail to sign up is Saturday at 9pm.

Time to put DS to bed, and for me to go to bed early too. You all have a good night!

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