Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini goal pants

The other day, I was all happy because I fit in some size 14 (big 14) jeans, and I finally got to wear one of my old belts. So yesterday I went shopping at walmart and tred on a pair of size 15 pants. They were too small and I'm missing about 1 inch to be albe to button them up. Not comfortably, but just to be able to tie  the buton Theywere really cute back pants with suspenders and other than being too small, they seemed perfect since they don't have hips (as I don't have any and pants my size usually give me wings), so guess what!? I bought them anyways...

That is my new goal. To fit in that pair of size 15 black pants. Wonder how long that'll take since weight and inches are two different things. I think I'll measure their actual inches and keep you posted on the pant mini-goal!

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