Friday, October 16, 2009

Measurements for mini goal

Ok, so this morning I measured myself as I said I would to guage how much work is ahead of me to fit in my size 15 pants from WalMart. I tried the pants on again to see where they would land on my hips and measured loosely there. My waist is 42 inches. Then I measured the pant lying flat and they are 37 inches at their smallest spot. So I have 5 inches to lose before I fit in them comfortably, less if I cram in them.

Maybe I'll post pictures of the pants and how they don't fit later. First I have to figure out how to do that and have a moment when my husband isn't round so that he won't be question my sanity!

We're off to a crazy weekend as we have a rental car. Tons of fun activities planned, and some much needed shopping for reno related and stocking up stuff. (Yuck, I hate shopping!)

Have a good weekend!

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