Saturday, November 7, 2009


The title is the time at which I woke up this morning. I forgot to set my clock last night and didn't wake up until this time. Although I'm not upset. I'd been tired a lot lately, and if I didn't wake up before that, I guess that my body needed the sleep. The good thing that I did though is that I got out of bed right away instead of lingering and dozing on and off, which is what I think really messes up my sleep schedule.

Weather report: -1, with a high of 9... yay for 9!

Today, we'll be running around a lot, so eating right will be difficult. We do have leftovers though, so I'll try to tackle those so that I know what I'm eating.

Off to get dressed and go shopping... maybe I'll pick up a new measuring tape.

Have a good weekend!

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