Saturday, May 29, 2010

12 km

That's how far I've biked today! 6km to go to the pool, and 6km back. I am proud that I got that much activity in today. We just bought bikes last week and were glad to get to try them out this weekend as today's weather was perfect.

On the flip side though, don't tell my physiotherapist since I found out yesterday that the heel pain I've been having since November is not just a bursitis, it's a touch of tendonitis too. I've been ordered to not do any activities at all for the next 3 weeks, to even avoid walking as much as I can. So after today. No moving for me, as ordered.

Also, for people not to think me super woman, I must disclose that my son was in a trailer on my husbands bike on the way there, and mine on the way back, and with all the hills, I thought I was going to die as my lungs hurt and I was queazy by the time I got home. I definitely need to build up biking more slowly! but not for at least 3 weeks are yelling my iced heel and knee)

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

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