Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello from Quebec City!

I just took it, at 8:00, from a Hilton hotel room! I didn't take it when I woke up at 7:00 since everything was foggy and it was just white.

I feel great! I just got back to my hotel room after doing my first session from the C25K (Couch to 5 Km). I'd been considering taking up running for a while, and finally took the leap. First my plan was to do it in the morning since no other plan was really feasible. So I set a goal to get up at 6:00 every morning. Though that didn't quite work out, I still got up earlier than I normally would have. So I figured it would be time that I start soon. Since I have a hard time sleeping in a hotel room, I figures might as well get up early and get this thing started, and I did!

I never realised how short a minute was and then how long. The session comprised of a 5 minute warmeup walk with 6 reps of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of running. I didn't run very fast (7.5 kph). At first, I thought:
'This isn't so bad, maybe I should run faster, then again, it's my first time running so I'll take it easy as I have a full day of work ahead'.
By the 3rd rep:
'Ouch, my legs are getting tired'
By the 5th:
'Breathing is a little difficult, man I'm out of shape!'
And for the 6th and last, I decided to run faster just to see if I could at 8.5 kph and thought:
'thank god I didn't do this for all of my reps, my legs feel like jelly!'

But you know what,  by the time I ended my cooldown and was walking to the elevators, I felt great and I still do. It wasn't easy, and I'm glad I didn't go faster or else I don't think I would have made it past the first 3 reps. I think for my next session I'll start at 8.5mph and then slow down if I need to though now that I know a little more what to expect. My next session is also on the threadmill since I figure, once I set a speed, I have to go that speed, I can't just slow down and it makes it easier to follow a certain pace. I imagine it'll be a lot harder at home when I'll be outside and will have to do it on will alone.

I am officially considering a non scale victory, yay for exercise!

Room service just for here with my hearty breakfast... awesome, I'm starved!!!!

I'll keep you posted on the running!

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