Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Early good morning!

Ok, contrary to what I said I would do yesterday, I didn't get up right at 6 when my alarm rang... but I did get up at my first snooze, which is almost a miracle in itself (so I'll be nice to myself and count it anyway). Getting up early is a really hard thing to do, which is actually pretty silly since it's the simple action of getting out of bed. I'll do better tomorrow.

Weather report: -2 as of 6:00am, high of 4 for today with no precipitation, which will be a nice change!

I am soooo thirsty, and hungry. Usually, I'm not hungry at all first thing in the morning. Oh well, off I go to shower and see if I have time to eat breakfast here before I leave.

Today is Sadie's 25th birthday... Happy 25th birthday!!!

Have a good day!

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