Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh no a gain!

Ouch, weight in was today and I'm up 2.5 lbs. I'm not surprised as my eating hasn't been the greatest, that and since Saturday I feel bloated and dehydrated no matter how much I drink, so hopefully, it's mostly water weight. I'll have to be careful to watch what I eat and get some exercise in since I'll be leaving Saturday for 5 days. 2 days of travel, 3 days of conference.

On the sleep front, I haven't been getting up at 6 o'clock sharp since Saturday. I slept longer on Sunday as I had gone to bed at 3am thanks to Sadie's birthday party! Then yesterday and this morning, I was just too lazy and tired. I've been feeling exhausted lately. Hopefully, my son will fall asleep easily tonight so that I can go to bed early. It's been a bit crazy, at the same time, I'm trying to get up earlier in the morning, we're trying to get him to get to sleep by himself. He use to do it just fine until he started having nightmares this summer and since we've been staying with him until he falls asleep. A hellish habit to break for sure. It's so guilt enducing and heartbreaking sleep training a child, but if it means he gets to sleep faster and earlier it will be better for his health and save my sanity as I feel like I have no time to myself. I do have some time, just none to really spend with my husband and I think that that's hard on both of us. It took J(our son) a mere 50 minutes to stop crying last night. Lets see how he does tonight.

This is how I feel today: Like I can't wrap my head around everything I have to get done. I have to go write a game plan now.... Have a good day while I dig myself out!

P.S. My first photo inside a post!

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  1. It's a blip. You'll be back down in no time.
    Hang in there.